Classic America WiFi Alexa ready Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, Full Set (12000… Price: $825.00 (as of 28/11/2022 01:40 PST- Details)

Classic America Mini Split Inverter Ductless Air Conditioner/Heat Pump. Uses 108-120 VAC electrical power, 16 SEER High Efficiency Rating, ETL Approved. Toshiba/GMCC Compressor and charged with R410A refrigerant.
Indoor unit has a modern and sleek appearance. The outdoor unit provides a powerful, dependable and efficient performance. Easy Installation kit and a wireless remote controller included.
Installation kit includes: 16 Feet Insulated Copper-Aluminum Refrigeration Tubing, Wiring Cables, Cable Tie – Pipe Wrap, Wall Sleeve Pipe.


Classic The united states uses Midea, the worlds #1 manufacturer of ductless mini split units, to offer the highest degree of quality, efficiency and performance in their brand new, simple, yet versatile and cost effective ductless mini split system. The installation of a Classic The united states mini split is easily accomplished with a licensed HVAC technician. Classic The united states mini split systems heat or cool a room in a house quietly, effectively and most important: efficiently. Included wireless remote controller allows the user to choose among 5 operating modes; Auto, Cool, Heat, Dry and Fan. The Automatic Switch Over mode allows an automated operation. Timer function powers off the mini split after a time period, saving you money. Sleep mode mirrors the bodies naturally changing temperature levels whilst we sleep, aiding an uninterrupted night of sleep. In case of a temporary power outage Auto Restart function restarts the system to continue running the same way after power is returned to the unit. After all, the air louver mechanically swings sending airflow all through a room relatively than in a single direction. FEATURES LIST: Sleep Function, Timer, Automatic Air Swing, Automatic Switch Over, three speed fan, energy savings of up to over 30% in comparison to conventional mini-splits, Innovative temperature-monitor thermistor protection device that causes freeze prevention.

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